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License Projects Title Download Documentation Language Code Download Code Dependent on Sub-projects
01 CC BY 3 an_1 Antenna Notes 1 Handwritten Hellenic
02 CC BY 3 blackboards_an_1 Blackboards : an_1 Handwritten Hellenic an_1
03 MIT virtlab The Very First Ever Made Virtual Laboratories of Antennas FTP#J Paper v1i3n7y2014 English html, vrml_2, mathematica Source an_1
04 MIT dir Directivity an_1 ubasic86 Source/Samples an_1, ubasic86
05 CC BY 3 an_2 Antenna Notes 2 Handwritten Hellenic an_1
06 Freeware richwire A Corrected Revision of Richmond's TWS Antenna Program tws_a win-wine Application an_2, tws_a
07 Freeware da A Computer Program for Dipole Antenna TWS an_2, richwire win-wine Application an_2, richwire
08 CC BY 3 da_a Tutorial : da - A Sample Antenna da English ppt Presentation da
09 MIT/Freeware radpat4w A FLOSS Tool for Antenna Radiation Patterns FTP#J Paper v2i5n13y2014 English ms vb, win-wine Source/Samples an_1, dir/da, richwire_a
10 Freeware radpat4w_a Setup : radpat4w radpat4w - Help, Tooltips English win-wine Application radpat4w_a
11 CC BY 3 vhfant Tutorial : A commercial VHF Antenna Handwritten Hellenic an_2, richwire, da, radpat4w
12 MIT efa Self-Standing End-Fed Linear Arrays FTP#J Paper v1i4n11y2014 English hp vf Source an_2, richwire
13 Freeware efa_a Setup : efa efa win-wine Application an_2, efa
14 MIT efa_b Samples : efa efa vrml_2 Samples efa, radpat4w
15 GNU GPL 3 vemsa3d A FLOSS Visual EM Simulator for 3D Antennas FTP#J Paper v2i6n15y2015 English ms c++, code::blocks, wxWidgets Source an_2, richwire, radpat4w
16 Freeware vemsa3d_a Setup : vemsa3d vemsa3d win-wine Application vemsa3d
17 MIT vemsa3d_b Samples : vemsa3d vemsa3d txt Samples vemsa3d
18 CC BY 3 vemsa3d_c Presentation : vemsa3d vemsa3d English ppt Presentation vemsa3d
19 CC BY 3 vemsa3d_d Tutorial : vemsa3d - A Ground-Plane Antenna youtube video 3Eyn55W1578 English avi Video vemsa3d
20 Freeware radpat4w_b Radiation Patterns for Windows - Extended (beta) radpat4w - Help, Tooltips English win-wine Application radpat4w, richwire
21 MIT radpat4w_c Samples : radpat4w_b radpat4wb txt Samples radpat4w_b
22 Freeware/MIT plotadata Plot Data win-wine/txt Application/Sample
23 MIT/MIT draftplot4w Draft Plot for Windows Help, Tooltips English ms vb/txt Source/Samples
24 Freeware/MIT draftplot4w_a Samples : draftplot4w Help, Tooltips English win-wine/txt Setup/Samples draftplot4w
25 Freeware/MIT draftplot4w_b Exe : draftplot4w Help, Tooltips English win-wine/txt Exe/Samples radpat4w, draftplot4w
Reference Projects
No Copyright tws J. H. Richmond, "Radiation by Thin Wire Structures TWS" NASA report TR-2902-10 English
No Copyright tws_a J. H. Richmond, "Computer Program for TWS" tws fortran NASA report ESL-2902-12
Freeware ubasic86 Yuji Kida, "Ubasic86 Programming Language" Help English dos, win-wine Content in Japanese
Freeware mathgl3d J.-P. Kuska, "MathGL3d: An OpenGL Viewer" Math Source Read Me English win v2.2, 9 May 1999

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